ANIConnect Conferencing and Notification

Ever have music-on-hold stop a conference call?
Ever need to know who is on your call?  Or who is talking?
Ever need to get the word out that you will be late for your call?
Ever need to talk to a group of people right away?
Ever wonder how pennies per minute can add up to so much?
                        ANIConnect is the solution...
 Communicate Urgently or Casually
ANIConnect is an on-premises conferencing system
designed to effectively handle team communication situations
at all levels of urgency. Simple meet-me conferences,
urgent call-out to bring people into a conference, or just
send a message... all from one effective, economical platform.  
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Control the Conference through ANIConnect's Web interface...

Conference Monitor

  • Easily identify and mute a noisy caller
  • See who is in the call
  • See who is talking
  • Mute or UnMute individuals or everyone
  • Remove anyone from the call
  • Lock the call for Privacy
  • Record the call

Communicate with teams by using Team Connect, part of every ANIConnect System!


Call a team of people into a conference with a single call or a single click
from the Team Connect web page.

Send a voice or text-to-speech message via outcall, or a recorded message, to be heard by your selected team with a single click or call from any phone.


Set up or Change your conference options with the Web interface...


  • Set a message to greet callers
  • Decide if you want Beeps or Names or Silence when callers enter or leave
  • Set a PIN for callers to screen callers whenever you want
  • Record your Conferences
  • Up to 9 sub-conferences





For the Administrators...

  • Connect with PRI or SIP trunks
  • Use it as a Gateway to SIP trunks for Legacy Systems!!!
  • Available with redundant power supplies and dual-disc/RAID1 architecture
  • System sizes from 30 to 240 ports
  • Conference usage reports for billing and analysis



Request a Free Trial Click by clicking here to register and indicate that you are interested in a trial. Trials allow conferences of up to 10 people and have a 1 week duration. 


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