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Team Connect

Ideal for crisis management, or any urgent situation requiring quick team assembly, or simply to optimize regular team conference calls! Team Connect allows you to:
•    Simultaneously and immediately call an entire team and bring everyone together on a conference call.
•    Record or type a voice message to be sent to your team, or leave a message for your team to hear as they call in.
•    Easily create teams, and specify who will be called for messages or for conferences, all through a simple web interface.

When needed, one click or one call from you can immediately call the entire team and bring everyone together in a conference call.  If you simply need to get the word out, just record a message and everyone on the team will receive a call and hear the message.  You could also type a message on your web page and have it read to the team by a text-to-speech converter.  Or just leave a message for your team to call in to hear.  Team Connect will ensure you and your team stay connected, whenever… wherever.

A simple web interface makes it simple for you to build a Team, and to specify who will be called for messages or for conferences. You can watch the status indicators for each Team member to see who got the call, who received the messages or who was not reached.  You can even set up how many times to try each person and how long to wait between tries. Of course, when you get a conference started you can monitor and control it through the standard conference monitor page.  Participants will be identified with the name you gave them on the Team list!


You can request a free Trial. Click here to register and indicate that you are interested in a trial. Trials allow conferences of up to 10 people and have a 1 week duration.

Team Connect is included with every ANIconnect conferencing system.

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